Our Research

The combined multidisciplinary education (Oriental Medicine, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science) and experience of our staff gives us the capability and advantage in conducting groundbreaking research in the field of Oriental Medicine.

TCM Diagnostics

As the cornerstone of our research, we have developed a comprehensive computerized diagnostic tool. This tool, soon to be available to the general public, is currently being refined within our research center, and is to-date the most accurate computerized diagnostic software in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
This patent-pending tool allows us to conduct research on developing the most optimal individualized (as each patient is different) treatment plan for various illnesses.

Meridian Diagnostics

Aside from TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Oriental Medicine includes a school of thought based on Meridian Therapy. We believe that the two schools of thought, TCM and Meridian Therapy, are necessary and complimentary in many cases. In order to bring the two together for a more comprehensive approach to treatments, we are currently developing the AcuTreatment Monitor, a computer-like-device for the diagnostics and monitoring of treatments in the Meridian Therapy style.


Our Most Recent Research Success
Using a perfect balance of the different modalities of Oriental medicine, we are able to surpass norms for increasing bone density.

Our treatment method incorporated Acupuncture, Herbology, Nutrition and other methods, and in our clinical studies has shown bone density improvements significantly higher than with current western treatment methods.


Our Current Research
We are now in the early stages of our most current research endeavor. Our current task is the study of early diagnosis and prevention of Anemia. Using our computerized diagnostic tools, we are able to identify signs of pre-Anemic condition, as well as the best preventive approaches.

We hope that we can formalize the approach, and develop a sound treatment and prevention protocol.